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14 June 2009 @ 09:11 pm
49 KAT-TUN Icons  

Ohhai this is my first post on this community. I'm Amy (Ameh/Fangirl/Crazy Lady with Too Much Time) and I'll be bringing some graphic love (the clean kind) to this comm from now on too!

First things first. KAT-TUN, because first and foremost I AM A RABID FANGIRL.

6 Ueda Tatsuya
7 Akanishi Jin
7 Kamenashi Kazuya
11 Taguchi Junnosuke
8 Tanaka Koki
10 Nakamaru Yuichi

傷を 1傷を 2傷を 3

傷を 1傷を 2傷を 3傷を 4
傷を 5傷を 6傷を 7傷を 8
傷を 9傷を 10傷を 11傷を 12
傷を 13傷を 14傷を 15傷を 16
傷を 17傷を 18傷を 19傷を 20
傷を 21傷を 22傷を 23傷を 24
傷を 25傷を 26傷を 27傷を 28
傷を 29傷を 30傷を 31傷を 32
傷を 33傷を 34傷を 35傷を 36
傷を 37傷を 38傷を 39傷を 40
傷を 41傷を 42傷を 43傷を 44
傷を 45傷を 46傷を 47傷を 48
傷を 49傷を 50傷を 51傷を 52

[x]Credit is nice. It means you love and appreciate me us.
[x]Comment if you're taking, it's only polite.
[x]Don't edit my graphics, mmkay? If you want anything particular I'd be more than happy to make it for you.
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